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Center for Empowerment and Resource Development


Started in 2002, the project covers five (5) coastal barangays.  Depletion and destruction of marine resources along the coasts of Mondragon are going at a very critical rate.  Fish catch has reduced significantly over the last two years.  This pushes the municipal fishers to venture outside their municipal waters and reach as far as Samar Sea wherein they driven away by law enforcers.

Despite the threats to the coastal and marine environment that are quite diverse and could support the coastal communities if managed well, very few efforts are done to address these concerns.

The FIRMED Mondragon program is aimed at increasing the capability of barangays level structures to plan and implement local fishery management projects.  The particular concern of the project is the formations of groups and organizations with men and women members, capable of planning and implementing their own programs with support system for internal resource generation set up.

Program implementation in Mondragon led to the formation of the fisherfolk federation MALASUGI (a blue marlin species) composed of 6 barangay-based organizations with a total membership of 147 (83 males, 64 females).