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Center for Empowerment and Resource Development

Samar Sea

FIRMED program in Samar Sea started in Tinambakan District, Calbayog City and Kerikite Island, Almagro in 1996.  Thirteen (13) barangay level POs in 10 barangays in Tinambakan District were formed.  The fisherfolk organizations installed Artificial Reef projects that served as fish sanctuary.  Apprehension of illegal fishers and commercial fishing vessels intruding in the 15 km municipal waters continuously done with the fishery law enforcement team.

The program established Coral Reef Network in 2007 covering three (3) barangays.  Women Managed Area (WMA) was also established in 2007 covering mangrove forest in barangay Tomaligues and managed by women fishers.

Tinambakan Fisherfolk Federation formed in order to strengthen their ranks in the campaign against intrusion of commercial fishing boats and other concerns towards sustainable fisheries and marine resources undertaken to improve fishery management plan, corresponding ordinance and implementing guideline.

In 2001, FIRMED program expanded in 6 barangays of the municipality of Almagro.  Thirteen (13) POs were formed and were eventually federated at the municipal level with the name Almagro Fisherfolk Federation. The organization implemented barangay and municipal level fisheries management plan and ordinance or resolution.

In 2009 the program in Samar Sea was ended. Community-based coastal resource management is now being continued by the 2 municipal fisherfolk federations in partnership with the local government in Calbayog and Almagro.